Pony Axe S provides access, pony powered, for people who use wheelchairs, or have mobility issues. Pony Axe S also provides access for people who don’t use wheelchairs, and who don’t have mobility issues. Pony Axe S is inclusive. We take anyone, anywhere.


To be inclusive, in the 21st Century, you must be safe. Pony Axe S is safe; boringly, obsessively safe.

We work with everyone, including people who on account of age, illness or whatever, are unable to give informed consent to risks. To do this work Pony Axe S has no choice about being a safe activity.


Pony Axe S is fully insured and has a four year track record of 100% safety while working with people from the most vulnerable sections of society and taking them to places everyone else considers inaccessible.


Our risk assessment has been publicly accessible online since 2013. This details all our safety principles. It is currently being updated.


Pony Axe S sees Health and Safety as a force for good and work with Kingston University Engineering Department and Lancaster University Engineering Department to ensure that our equipment and operating techniques are the safest possible. We are continually researching further safety improvements..